Burial Info

In case of death in the family, please follow the steps below for local burial in Ottawa

Family should have the following information available on the deceased.
1. Full Name
2. Address
3. Father’s Name
4. Mother’s Name
5. Place of birth
6. Date of Birth
7. S.I.N #
Family Contact
Pine Crest Cemetery by phone. Give them information and confirm lot # to be used at Highland Park Cemetery. Go in person to complete the paper work.2500 Baseline Road
Tel: (613) 829-3600
Fax: (613) 829-8357
Family, inform community members about death and approx. time of “Namaz-e-Janaza” Family, Contact Mulana to recite “Namaz-e-Janaza”
Family, arrange to release and transport body from hospital to I.S.I.A Centre at 3856 Richmond RoadNote: Death Certificate must be available in the vehicle transporting human remain.
Family, arrange Burial Certificate from City Hall. Form 15 & Form 16 required to obtain this certificate
Must arrive at Highland Park Cemetery (Carp) before 3:00 pm (There is no service available after 3:00 pm. If there is delay for any reason, family must contact cemetery, as they had to arrange Overtime for Undertakers. (Undertakers are contract employees they do not work for cemetery)

Some Tips:
Immediately remove pillow from under the head. Keep both hands and legs straight. Advise hospital staff not to fold hands on stomach.