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Please note the upcoming programs of Rajab

Salamun Alekum All

1.       1st Rajab is wailadat of our 5th Imam , Imam Muhammad Baqir Allehy Salam , so we will do e melad this coming Thursday , we will also do Ammal of Lailtul Raghaib too
2.       3rd Rajab is the Shahadat of our 10th Imam , Imam Ali Naqi Allehy Salam , […]

Thursday night Program from 7:30 pm , Friday prayers from 1:00pm tommorrow and Melad for Wiladat of Sayed tun Nisa e Aalimeen on Sunday from 5:30 pm IA

Brothers and Sisters Salamun Alekum,                                                   

There will be regular Thursday night Dua Kumail / Haidess Kisa  program with Urdu and English translation so that we know what we are reading from 7:30 pm at ISIA , Topic is Universal […]

Salat e Ayaat is Wajib on Tuesday 15th of April from 3:08 am to 4:23 am . Melad for Wiladat of Bibi Fatima Zahra Salam Ullah Aleha on Sunday 20th April from 5:30 pm , IA

Brothers and Sisters Salamun Alekum,                                                       
    Lunar (Moon) eclipse on Tuesday, April 15, 2014 -Mark on your calendar to pray NAMAZ-E-AAYAAT which is Wajib if done during the time of the Full Eclipse which will be on Tuesday April 15th 2014 from to 4:23am ( which means within six hours from now ) […]

Majalis e Fatamiyah at ISIA , Thursday 3rd April & Friday the 4rth April 2014 from 7:30 pm IA

Brothers and Sisters Salamun Alekum,

Friday prayers will be from 1:00 pm Inshallah , every Friday. Please also find prayer time table for the Islamic month of Jammadi ul Thani 1435 attached , which can always be downloaded from

Majalis e Fatamiyah Information :

1.       Two […]