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Holy Mah e Ramadan program at ISIA , Daily from 7:30 pm Inshallah

Brothers and Sisters  Salamun Alekum ,
Please note the following daily Holy Month of Ramadan program at ISIA

1.              Starting Daily at 7:30 pm with Dua . ( Can be Dua Kumail , Hadees Kisa )

Recommended Dua for Mah e Ramadan , e.g Dua Iftita , etc
Moulana Speech on various topics . Do write us back […]

Melad for Celebration of birthday of our 12th IMAM, on Thursday July 5th 2012 from 7:30 pm

Brothers and Sisters , Salamun Alekum
Please note,
1.     Melad for Celebration of  birthday of our 12th IMAM, IMAM MEHDI ALLEHY SALAM will INSHALLAH take place on Thursday July 5th  2012 from 7:30 pm .
2.     Aamals will be performed after Salat e Maghibain
3.     Neyaz will be served
4.     Aareeza e Hajaat can be found at […]