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MAJLIS Mon Oct 4th 6:45 pm: Shahadat Imam Jafir Sadiq (AS)

Insha-Allah, there will be a Majlis at ISIA center (3856 Richmond Rd) to commemorate the Shahadat of 6th Imam Jafir Sadiq (AS) on Mon Oct 4th. The program will start with Salat e Maghribain @ 6:53 pm sharp, followed by Majlis @ 7:30 pm.
Sheikh Mumtaz Ali sahib will lead the prayers and recite […]

Imamia Madressah resumes Sun Sep 19 @ 11 am

Insha-Allah, Imamia Madressah resumes Sun Sep 19 @ 11 am after summer break. Please see the following message from Madressah principal:
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, Assalam Alaykum:
As you may know, the ISIA’s Imamiah Madressah provides Islamic Teaching classes in reading Quraan and learning Diniyat to children (5-14 years age) on Sundays from […]

Eid-ul-Fitar on Sat Sep 11

According to NASIMCO (under the guidance of Maulana Rizvi sahib), the Ist of Shawwal and day of Eid ul Fitar for Ottawa/Montreal area will be on Sat Sep 11. Whereas, tomorrow is 1st of Shawwal for all US including southern Ontario (Toronto and any area/city south of it).
[For momineen under the taqleed of Ayottallah […]