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Ramadhan programs

Insha-Allah, following Ramadhan 1430 programs are being organized at ISIA center (3856 Richmond Road):
Note: Please contact Sr. Shehnaz Lakhani (ph: 613 830-9351) or Br. Rashid Naqvi (ph: 613 260-1279) for sponsorship inquiries or pledges.
Sat Aug 29 7:30 pm, Iftaar
(i) Dua-e-Iftitah (ii) Salat e Maghribain @ 8:01 pm (iii) Iftaar / Dinner (sponsored)Sun Aug 30 […]

Ramadhan 1430 Mubarak

According to NASIMCO (with guidance from Maulana Syed Muhammad Rizvi sahib), the 1st of Ramadhan (in all North America) will be Sat Aug 22.
The Ramadhan programs @ ISIA center will commence from Sat Aug 29 (Insha-Allah). We will update our web site shortly with detailed program. Please visit us again.