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Milad programs: Wed Jul 1 @ 400 pm (Imam Taqi AS , Imam Naqi AS) + Sun Jul 5 @ 730 pm (Imam Ali AS)

Insha-Allah, following 2 Milad programs are being scheduled at ISIA center (3856 Richmond Road) to celebrate Wiladat of our beloved Imams: Imam Taqi ul Jawwad (AS), Imam Ali un Naqi (AS), Imam Ali ibn abi Talib (AS):
Wed Jul 1 @ 4:00 pm - Milad (Wiladat Imam Taqi AS, Imam Naqi AS)
Sun Jul 5 @ 7:30 […]

Imamia Madressah Notice: Parent-Teacher meeting/session this Sunday Jun 21 @ 11 am‏

Upcoming Sunday is the last Madressah session before Imamia Madressah closure for Summer vacation. The Madressah will, Insha-Allah, re-open again in 2nd week of September for new session.
This Sunday at 11 am Insha-Allah, a parent-teacher meeting/session is being called before closure of Madressah to sync-up between parent and teachers, and to provide information/update regarding Madressah. All parents, […]